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Entertainment Weekly July 25, 2014

The Ponzi Economy

Scientific-American-June-2014-Ponzi-01 Scientific-American-June-2014-Ponzi-02

Scientific American. June 2014
Design director: Michael Mrak
Art director: Jason Mischka
Illustrator: Adam Simpson

The treatment of the typography initially caught my eye. the notion of finance is immediately conveyed in the treatment of the engraved bank note pattern, particularly the drop cap T on the second spread. The illustration showing people throwing their money away rounds out the graphic design of this feature.

Evidently the man Carlo Ponzi spent time in prison prior to his now famous money-making scheme. He explained the prison address in letters to his Italian mother by writing to her that he had a wonderful job as a “special assistant” to a prison warden.

The Affair. Inc July 2014



Inc. July 2014
Creative director: Blake Taylor
Art directors: Sarah Garcea, Kristin Lenz
Illustrator: Keith Negley

Not a sweet story. The facts of diabetes


Johns Hopkins Medicine Global Collaborative Healthcare. Summer 2014
Creative director: Max Boam
Designers: Abby Ferretti, Lori Kirkpatrick

For this graphic, Abby and Lori explored many ideas in both sketches and quick computer renderings, but ultimately building the graphic in real space using the sugar-coated M&M’s—or Smarties as they are called in my place of birth—yielded the most interesting and often frustrating result.

Abby spent considerable time in the grocery story sorting out all the color options.

We found we had too few gold coins when it came to stacking up the amount of money spent in North America and we resorted to Photoshop to complete the picture once the photograph was taken.

Each candy represents 2 million diabetes cases. Each coin represents $1 billion spent on the cost of care in that geographic region.

Hard to Swallow. Self August 2014


Self. August 2014
Creative director: Barbara Reyes
Art director: Petra Kobayashi
Photographer: Jamie Chung

Lovely concept and beautifully photographed. The pill mirrored by the letter O is a nice touch.

The new denim


Self. August 2014
Creative director: Barbara Reyes
Art director: Petra Kobayashi
Photographer: Patric Shaw

Notice the way the strong vertical supports the entire typographic composition. Also how the word denim corresponds to the colors and even the shape of the model.

Find what’s interesting



Wired, August 2014
Design director: Caleb Bennett
Senior art director: Dylan Boelte
Managing art director: Victor Krummenacher
Art directors: Allie Fisher, Joseph Reyes

I’ve always been fascinated by how graphic designers approach the task of getting magazine readers to the pages they are interested in. These two examples show great energy. The features page, top, relies on geometric shapes and a sort of tangram puzzle idea, while the contents page utilizes an organized frenzy of small images and typographic rules.


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