Harpers Bazaar: Avedon tribute

HB-2013-12-AvedonThe visual correspondence created by reflecting the detail in the sunglasses with the called out type just makes one smile.

Kate and Wills shop J.Crew

For a story on how J.Crew have taken the brand to London and opened three stores in England’s capital city, it chose to appropriate photographic likenesses of Prince William and his wife Katherine to reinforce that idea—and very nicely done too.

To the magazine’s credit, they show how the art director went about creating the cover.

businessweek-2013-12-02-JCrew-COVER businessweek-2013-12-02-JCrew_-How

Cookie anyone?

Bon Appétit December 2013

Colorful type


Marie Claire, December 2013

Your serve

bon appetit serving spoons
Bon Appetit November 2013

Rebooting the president

Whatever your political perspective regarding the Affordable Care Act, this is a brilliant cover design.

Surfing: How big is that wave?

From an old issue of Status magazine, this first spread is a smart way to indicate the relative height of a wave by comparing it to a 6-story building, a tree, and person holding an umbrella—well you don’t want to get wet with all this surf everywhere do you?

There’s another comparison on the right side of the second spread that references Japanese artists Hokusai’s famous wave painting.

If you want to see some truly awe-inspiring extreme sport, search for videos of the surfers at Cortez Bank.



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