What would New York look like without scaffold?

I was in New York yesterday, taking photographs for a magazine article and realized what a great opportunity I had to gather content for type eh?

But rushing around to get to appointments left me scrambling until the end of the day when the light was beginning to fade.

And then, walking onto Fifth Avenue, these graphics appeared and stopped me in my tracks. Well to be fair there was a red light.

The graphics, designed by Pentagram, where I had been at the very beginning of the day, was a nice coincidence. They were originally part of a packaging and branding assignment designed by Pentagram a few years ago (shown at the end of the post) that references a cursive signature used by Saks in the 1970s.

Pentagram created the signature inside a grid of 64 squares which can be shuffled and rotated into an almost infinite number of permutations.

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