Marking paragraphs: conventionally

There are five pages in this post from the 60 that were created for the class assignment.

They demonstrate paragraphs marked in a conventional way using either indents or line spaces. What’s notable about them all is the contrast between heading and text. There is no ambiguity about the hierarchy.

The pages are airy, but not empty. The white space is very deliberate, not just what’s left over.

Grasping this notion of designed space, is the key to design and typography.

1. Below.

It’s not only the weight of type, it’s also the orientation of the heading that makes this such a strong page. The left edge of the text is a strong anchor for the heading. The only thing I would change is the top of the heading which should align with the top of the text block.

2. Below.

What works here is the organization around the horizontal bar that is a container for the heading. The drop cap and the introduction on the left make for a lively page design.

3. Below.

What’s nice about this page is the fact that both columns of text align with each other perfectly. The dingbats at the beginning of each line are not necessary, but they add a delicate touch.

4. Below.

Many struggled with how to design a page with two columns of text. This is an alternate treatment to the page above. Here, the columns are staggered. I frequently talk about alignment. So why does this work in my opinion? Because the columns are very deliberately not aligned. Dropping the word clearly to the second line makes use of the space above the second column.

What’s also of interest is that the two columns of text are different widths. Just be careful with this treatment and don’t overdo it.

5. Below.

Finally, I chose this page because of the movement in the heading. The typesizes are clearly differentiated , and the words lock together very effectively. Notice how the letter L in clearly, has become an alignment point for the text block.

The horizontal and vertical rules are graphic devices that are delicate enough to provide structure without clashing with the  typography.

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