A great idea that is completely useless

This is a great idea for a piece of information design. Sadly it’s one of those ideas that ends up being less useful than it should. Even when you enlarge the smaller graphic, the information remains inaccessible, which is a pity.

The caption to this graphic reads as follows:

Blogs are important, and they love content. Usually, that love is requited in the form of mp3s. But you can only give away so many tracks. To circumvent the increasing song demand, more and more bands turn to covers of other popular bands to get attention. Is it beneficial or detrimental to those covering or being covered? The after effects are far from scientic, but the numbers aren’t. We charted the bulk of other people’s pieces coming through the RSS.

As a student of information graphics, I am instinctively intrigued by designs like this. But in this case it’s a great idea that doesn’t work. You simply can’t follow the complex web of lines that are meant to show who did a cover version of another artist’s song. Perhaps Fader will eventually release a poster of this. This is a great example of where interactive technology wins over static graphics.

I really enjoy the idea of this graphic, it’s just a pity it doesn’t work.

Spyrograph anyone?

[ Fader magazine December 2010 ]

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