Football and banking

When I refer to football, I naturally mean the game played throughout the world where the players kick the ball with their feet. The image below is  an interesting one. This is the opening spread about the US footballer Landon Donovan. With a fine portrait by the photographer Peggy Sirota.

But why this style of typography I ask myself?

It is indeed striking typography, and a striking page layout. But the analogy for the typography comes from bank notes, rather than sport.

You could argue I suppose, that the idea of money and sport is an obvious one. And I would have to agree, but there are several spreads in the magazine that use the same style of typography. The one below Landon of mountain rescuer Michael Ferrara, clearly has nothing to do with finance. So does form follow function, or is it just cool?

Something to think about.

[ Outside magazine January 2011 ]

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