Function follows form

The latest issue of Communication Arts, Jan/Feb 2011, is a must buy. It’s the first typographic annual and one I am sure I will come back to.

The entry above caught my eye for the simple reason that it’s a piece of art made from type. I quickly took a photograph to post here and started to look more closely. You can enlarge the image by clicking it—click twice to get in really close.

What surprised me is how difficult it is to read the design which is two side-by-side pages. This is all the more surprising considering the summary of the entry provided—I presume by the designer (see below). As I see this piece of design it’s legible type made unreadable by a designer paying more attention to appearance than function.

I challenge you to enlarge the graphic and try to read it.

The assignment was to bring to life, through the use of type, Once More to the Lake, an essay by E.B. White. The outcome is a unique book designed to transport readers to their youth. Shared with guests at a privately-owned lake house, it’s frequently read aloud during intimate gatherings at the water’s edge. [ 52 pages 5.5×8.5 ]

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