Billboard magazine opts for information graphics

In contrast to Billboard magazine’s usual covers that feature a photograph of a music personality, this typographic cover does two things: First it resembles a concert poster where the headline act has top billing, so that drew me in. But second it’s a piece of information graphics that shows who earned the most money in 2010.

This is a smart piece of design, though I have no doubt we’ll be back to photos of Justin Bieber very soon.

For the record, and not surprisingly, Lady Gaga was the winner, earning herself $30.5 million.

Bon Jovi were a close second with $30.4 million, and Roger Waters, who toured his former band Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” earned himself $25.5 million.

It seems that while CD sales are declining, the key to being a musical millionaire is in touring. Lady Gaga’s tour grossed over $70 million last year.

But where are U2 in these numbers I wondered. As it turns out, the Billboard rankings reflect only US sales and since U2 were touring in Europe, their concert revenue is not reflected in the rankings.

[ Billboard February 2011 ]

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