A/B, not C

These spreads from Wired that combine and contrast two letterforms intrigued me. After reading the article all became clear. It’s about how firms such as Google, test websites on users frequently without us even knowing. The point is to gather data that proves the effectiveness of website design. That instinct is often wrong, and that testing yields tangible and measurable results.

For example, during Barack Obama’s 2007 campaign, three versions of a splash page were tested with variations in the wording on a particular button to see which one yielded the most clicks: Learn More, Sign Up Now, Join Us Now. The collected data revealed that Learn More yielded 18.6% more clicks than Sign Up Now, which translated into tens of millions of additional donations.

    • Mogi
    • May 8th, 2012

    Through ‘inbound marketing’ companies monitor performance of their landing pages, trying to improve their design and content in order to increase conversion rate.

    Businesses that are using this strategy are going to gain significant competitive advantage over those who still rely on ‘traditional’ marketing and PR.

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