A typewriter … what’s that?

While taking the short elevator trip to my office recently, I spotted a coworker wearing what appeared to be a bracelet made of typewriter keys. I asked and she replied, “It’s a bracelet made of typewriter keys.” “How lovely,” I commented. “May I take a photograph please?”

The lady duly obliged me with a few minutes of her time, and the photo appears below.

In the course of conversation she told me her daughter was curious about the bracelet and when told the circular disks were typewriter keys, the daughter—now a college freshman I believe—asked, “What’s a typewriter, mom?”

Later that day I was interviewed by a young woman who is briefly assigned to our office to learn about marketing. She asked me what I did and I explained as succinctly as I could what a graphic designer does. During the chat I described typesetting, that process of  mechanically placing type on paper, and that obtaining type printed on a piece of paper from a typesetter—something that now takes seconds—might take as long as 24 hours. She was incredulous at this news, and as a way of describing what typesetting was, I pointed to a photograph of hot metal, also shown below,  that I have on my wall. She had no idea what it was or what it did.

That said, I am officially a dinosaur!

Typewriter keys become a bracelet.

Letters cast in metal.

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