Multitasker or unproductive time waster?

As a self-proclaimed monotasker, I thorougly enjoyed reading this article from the March issue of Harvard Business Review, that carefully plots the work day productivity of two very different employees.

multitasking harvard business review-2013-03 advertising that works_Page_2
[click the graphic twice to enlarge]

If you’ve read Julie Morgenstern’s book, Never Check e-mail in the Morning, you’ll notice how the more productive worker follows this advice, barely checking email at all.

Another tip from Morgenstern’s book is to spend the first hour (or two if you can) of your work day on your most difficult task, you will find yourself being far more productive, than leaving that same task to the end of the day. I can attest to this. It really does work.

And one final thought on this topic of productivity is my favorite definition of email:
Someone else managing your time.

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