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You say you want a revolution?



The corporate debate over comic sans rages on

Poor Comic Sans. Does the bashing ever stop? Thanks to Glenn for sharing the photo.


Dr Bronner: when more is more

The packaging of Dr. Bronner was featured in an article in Inc. magazine. The opening spread, featuring a type rich packaging label greatly enlarged, poses all kinds of challenges for the magazine designer. Not least being how do you make the headline and deck stand out.

Well if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, I suppose.

I think this worked out rather well.

Grown: A marriage of typography and photography

These two photos caught my eye recently for the beautiful typography on the packaging and the photos themselves. It turns out the company, Grown, have a rather lovely website too. It does break one of the first rules of typography which is not to use all capitals for text, but it breaks the rule in a very pretty way.

Charice logotype

Charice CD cover graphic
Why is there a W on this CD by Charice?
Well look again at the word / logotype of Charice. The W is simply the result of cropping tightly to the letter A from the logotype.