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Paul McCartney’s New

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Logotypes for a restaurant

Below are the designs for this week’s assignment which was to design a logotype for a restaurant. I have used the logo from the business card. In several cases, the business cards are two sided and in these cases only the front is shown.

Charice logotype

Charice CD cover graphic
Why is there a W on this CD by Charice?
Well look again at the word / logotype of Charice. The W is simply the result of cropping tightly to the letter A from the logotype.

type and chocolate: how bad can that be?

Dish is a food magazine published in New Zealand. The cover features the magazine’s name made from chocolate as those drizzled onto the photograph creating a dimensional and unique typographic solution.

The colors are beautiful. And the juxtaposition of the chocolate and the melon balls makes me want to run to the kitchen and eat.