Type city 2

Here is another example from the type city catalog. The typographic flourishes are used in an illustrative way to represent water. As with the previous example the joy of the graphic is evident when seen in detail mode.

Type city

Veer sent me a wonderful book showcasing the typefaces they have for sale. The book is entitled type city. You don’t get a sense of the intricacy of the work until you enlarge the graphic.

Space & contrast

In addition to the eye-catching properties of space and contrast, the large type elements provide strong points of alignment. Notice how the l and k in the large word “like,” define the shape of the text block.

Capital letters

These two pages from fashion magazines demonstrate excellent typographic organization and structure. The right page, when enlarged, shows how difficult working with accented characters can be. The alternating lines of color keep the accents unified with the letters they accompany.