Pattern a day: B

Letter B composed in a patter

Pattern a day: A


This is the first of a new series—creating a pattern from a single letter. The idea began as an exercise for a teaching assignment to provide students with an appreciation and understanding of negative space where the designer aims to balance the mass of the letterform with the white space surrounding it.

Let’s see how this goes.

Images of Brexit


Nice to see reference to John Cleese’s absurd masterpiece from Monty Python’s Flying Circus—the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Romance Was Born

Harper’s Bazaar, November 2015
Creative director: Huw Reynolds
Photographer: Simon Lekias

Power Puff


Elle, November 2014
Creative director: Alex González
Design director: Evan Campisi
Photographer: Max Vadukul

Renegade Collective

renegade collective-2015-024
Renegade Collective Issue 24
Creative director: Jane Dunwoody
Art director: Edith Swan
Photography: Bjorn Iooss

Capital K


InStyle March 2015
Creative director: Rina Stone
Design director: Brian Anstey
Art director: Mariya Ivankovitser
Photographer: Jan Welters