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Not all square

I really enjoyed the typography on the CD booklet for the young singer Charice. The type and image work nicely together.

The black and white image overall is an effective typographic demonstration, but another photo, one that echoed the 45 degree angles in the typography would reinforce and provide logic to the typographic placement. It’s a shame the angles in Charice’s arms are not more harmonious with the type.

The color image is a page of thank yous. Here the designer took time to polish what is frequently incidental information. The black words breaks up the long strings of type and provide focal points: First of all… To my mum … To my mentor.

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Charice logotype

Charice CD cover graphic
Why is there a W on this CD by Charice?
Well look again at the word / logotype of Charice. The W is simply the result of cropping tightly to the letter A from the logotype.