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Typographic hierarchy

Below are three solutions that best solve assignment five. I have included only one page of the three from each student for the purposes of clarity.

The hierarchy is clear, the type choices are appropriate, the use of space is elegant. The individual elements of information are placed logically and reinforce the hierarchy.

There are visual relationships that link one element to another through alignment, such as the vertical of one letter that aligns with the beginning of a new line of type.

One of the biggest mistakes made this week was to over design the pages, and to forget the simple requirement of clearly showing the information hierarchy.


More classical cds: Bernstein Century

Here is another series of classical cds. This time the typography is more dominant than the design approach seen in the Christian Thielemann series from the previous post.

What are your thoughts about this typography? Is the hierarchy clearer? Is the typeface appropriate? Are the rules framing the text necessary? And what about the overall design?

Classical CD covers: good typographic hierarchy?

As a follow up to the classical cd assignment, I found a series of covers that may teach us some lessons.

How effective is the typographic hierarchy? How can it be improved?. Does one cover work better than another?  Is this a strong series? Why?