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Power Puff


Elle, November 2014
Creative director: Alex González
Design director: Evan Campisi
Photographer: Max Vadukul

Capital K


InStyle March 2015
Creative director: Rina Stone
Design director: Brian Anstey
Art director: Mariya Ivankovitser
Photographer: Jan Welters

Fast, Loud, and Mostly True


Wired, January 2015
Creative director: Billy Sorrentino
Design director: Caleb Bennett
Photographer: Peter Hapak

Detox Your Hair

Detox Health-2015-01_02
Health, January 2015
Creative director: Lan Yin Bachelis
Art director: Susanne Bamberger
Photographer: Jamie Chung


clarity oprah-2015-03

The Oprah Magazine, March 2015
Creative director: Adam Glassman
Design director: Jill Armus
Photographer: Sam Kaplan

The vanishing


GQ, March 2015
Design director: Fred Woodward
Creative director: Jim Moore
Art director: Chelsea Cardinal

The Rise and Rise of Rita

Elle UK May 2014
Creative director: Suzanne Sykes
Art director: Lisa Rahman
Designer: Phoebe Sing
Photographer: Thomas Whiteside