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This is a traffic jam

Somewhat off the regular beat, but I found this image fascinating.

According to the article from Green Source magazine, 27 million cars are recovered for recycling annually around the world. Much of the material is recycled, but the material that is not—called auto shredder residue—amounts to about 5 million tons a year, and this, according to EPA, finds its way to landfills.

The image above  is an aerial photograph of an auto salvage location in Ayer Massacusetts. Annually over 10 million automobiles are recycled in the USA alone, making cars the number one recycled product in this fair land.


All square

I featured spreads from Green Source magazine recently. And the current issue contains a few spreads with letterforms that I haven’t seen before.

These letters remind me of an assignment we do at UB where the students are asked to create letterforms for a logotype. I frequently see solutions similar to these letters. The basic shape is a black square, and by clever use of white shapes, like smaller squares or triangles, individual letters can be created fairly quickly.

There’s a nice typographic pun in the first spread that would be worth highlighting even if there was nothing else of interest on these pages.

A detail from the second spread

A whole lot of typography

The challenge for me with this design is that the strong 45 degree angles in the main type are not reflected in the angles of the building. And so the notion of geometry is not reinforced.

I do enjoy the alignment and rotation of the secondary and tertiary text blocks and I really like how the apex of the building points to and aligns with the the n in the magazine name.

Below is the first spread from the case study on the inside of the magazine.