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Letters: a tangible commodity

For those of you who remember type when it was something that was real: wood and metal, you’ll love the website which features letters that you can see and hold in your hand. Hopefully you have wall space to display your passion, and can speak French.




Construction of letters part 2

Since there was quite a bit of interest in my initial post about constructing letters, I thought it a good idea to provide the remaining letters and how they are constructed . Isn’t the letter Q beautiful?

Although these letterforms are based on the carvings from the Roman era, the Romans did not utilize certain letters which are in common use today. There was no J, U or W.

Construction of letters

This page is from a 1912 publication called The Essentials of Lettering, by Thomas E. French and Robert Meiklejohn and shows how to create classical Roman letters like those seen on the Trajan column.

The letterforms of the Roman period are considered by many to be among the finest of all roman letters and are the basis of the capital letters we use today.