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The queen is king

The creation of the MN crown at the top of this headline nicely reinforces the meaning of King Me. The photograph, by Hype Williams, who made his name filming music videos, is the starting point for color selection on the right page. Due in part to the use of Didot for the large type, the spread has an unexpected elegance, more like the pages of Harpers Bazaar magazine than of Vibe. from where this and the following spreads are taken.


It’s a question of proportions

I really like this ad for a storage company, but I wish the proportions of the letters had been more carefully handled. That said it’s an appropriate and clever idea.

Person of the year

This page is from the December issue of Time magazine, which is traditionally the issue dedicated to the achievements of an individual.

This year no one person was named, instead the award was given to the “protester.” Read the rationale of that decision by enlarging the image below. The raised fist, the symbol for solidarity, is the perfect graphic form to represent the unity of human spirit, so evident in 2011.

The year in quotes

What better way to start a new year than with an ingenious typographic pun from the December issue of Time magazine.

What’s the question?

Nordstorm’s catalog arrived in our mailbox today, and after opening the cover I was struck by this page. Three overlapping question marks reinforcing the headline: What’s New for Spring. And the tripling up of the question mark is not a random thought but one that plays off the copy: We can’t wait to show you our favorite looks from three of the most exciting trends of the season.

The page makes a strong graphic statement despite the rather monochromatic hue.

[ Nordstrom catalog February 2010 ]

Type from a different angle

What a striking page.

Incorporating a rotatable viewing screen is not a new concept in camera design, but somehow this ad makes it seem so.

What’s on your list

This page from ESPN magazine is a good example of reinforcing meaning using type alone.

Simple and effective.