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The unstoppable march of technology

I recently watched a video of musician Imogen Heap at Wired 2012, where she explained how  technology developed at MIT’s media lab in 2010 allows her to create music without being tied to physical instruments.  For example, she can walk  into  areas on the stage and different sounds will play: a room of drums or a choir of people among many others. Using the gloves developed at MIT she can modulate these sound, change pitch or adjust volume by moving her hands or waving her arms or she can introduce the sound of percussion by air drumming.

Take a look at the video here.

This so-called, wearable tech, was the cover story of the January issue of Wired, and while not referencing Imogen’s gloves, it made me think of her performance. Inside the issue the typography of the feature spread  caught my attention. The type illustrations were created by Artem Sukhinin, more of whose work you can see here.

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Wired-uk-2013-01-001 Wired-uk-2013-01-002


Fast Company April 2013











Have your type and eat it

A research team from the University of Exeter in England has devised a 3D printer that moulds its output in … chocolate. The project’s lead researcher, Liang Hao, says the printer is both cheap to run and non-hazardous. I guess that depends how much chocolate you end up eating.

45 seconds into this video you can see the typographic link.