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The ABCs of NBA Style


GQ, March 2015
Design director: Fred Woodward
Creative director: Jim Moore
Art director: Chelsea Cardinal


This is your body on superfoods


GQ June 2014
Design director: Fred Woodward
Creative director: Jim Moore
Photographer: Armin Zogbaum

Teagan White

I recently came across this extraordinary designer and illustrator, Teagan White, in a typography magazine. You can see more of here work here.





The Silent War




Images from an article in the July 2013 issue of Wired about General Keith Alexander.

Notice how on the first spread, the title of the feature is sprinkled throughout the left page in smaller type as if to show it silently.

Consider your audience

This is clever in several ways. The stethoscope is a classic metaphor for health care, so on that level it communicates the topic. The ingenious curling of the tube creates the head and mouth. And because this is an article on women’s health a pair of false eyelashes implies the female gender.

I may be reading far too much into the image, but the nicely integrated type inside what I interpret as the torso, reminds me of human organs. Does the red word “Live” symbolize the heart?

A wonderful photo illustration to be sure.

Harpers Bazaar magazine

Logotypes for a restaurant

Below are the designs for this week’s assignment which was to design a logotype for a restaurant. I have used the logo from the business card. In several cases, the business cards are two sided and in these cases only the front is shown.