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Ideas: You just have to see them 2

This is a great book on how designers use wit in their graphic design solutions. I’ve used it as a textbook in my creative concepts class. The typographic idea is simple and surprise, surprise, witty to boot. It bears some similarity to the previous post, Pentagram V. Although it was written before Pentagram’s book, in 1996. David Stuart, co-author of the book was an art director at Pentagram, so maybe the similarity is no great surprise.


Ideas: You just have to see them.

I spent a long time studying the cover of this compendium of Pentagram’s work that was published in 1999. Is there more than we actually see. What does the period next to the A(V) symbolize? Would it be any less effective without the period? A little ambiguity can be interesting of course.

Expressing meaning: Eat, Pray, Love

Here is another typographic book cover. More illustrative than the graphic treatment of Loneliness, but another marvellous idea and beautifully done.

Expressing meaning: Loneliness

Typography is a great way to express and reinforce meaning. Conveying the idea of loneliness by isolating the dot above the letter “i” and moving it away into empty space is the perfect solution. Very clever.