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Hard to Swallow. Self August 2014


Self. August 2014
Creative director: Barbara Reyes
Art director: Petra Kobayashi
Photographer: Jamie Chung

Lovely concept and beautifully photographed. The pill mirrored by the letter O is a nice touch.


Kate and Wills shop J.Crew

For a story on how J.Crew have taken the brand to London and opened three stores in England’s capital city, it chose to appropriate photographic likenesses of Prince William and his wife Katherine to reinforce that idea—and very nicely done too.

To the magazine’s credit, they show how the art director went about creating the cover.

businessweek-2013-12-02-JCrew-COVER businessweek-2013-12-02-JCrew_-How

Rebooting the president

Whatever your political perspective regarding the Affordable Care Act, this is a brilliant cover design.

Billboard on track

This spread from Billboard magazine features type and design that cleverly combines to reinforce the meaning of the headline.  Notice the color in the type that was sampled from the hues in the photograph of Tim McGraw by Nigel Parry.

Billboard-130109 changing lanes

Billboard magazine January 2013
Photograph by Nigel Parry

Election. What election?

How to combine the two top news stories. This couldn’t be more clever.

The illustrator Adrian Tomine writes: “Where I was in Brooklyn, I don’t think I would have even known that there was a major storm happening. So I spent the whole night glued to the Internet and watching everything unfolding, just being shocked that this kind of dramatic destruction was happening just miles outside my home. And I started thinking about how it would affect the election. This is a first for me in terms of doing a cover that’s topical with a quick turnaround, and somehow these two significant events just came together into that one image for me.”

Source: The New Yorker.


Figure/ground, alignment, and concept all rolled into this enjoyable page from Marie Claire magazine.

Presidential typography

This masterpiece, for Time magazine, was illustrated by Dylan Roscover following the first presidential debate on October 3rd, 2012. You need to enlarge this one to see the real craftsmanship.