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Economist—New face of terror

economist-130928 face of terror


Person of the year

This page is from the December issue of Time magazine, which is traditionally the issue dedicated to the achievements of an individual.

This year no one person was named, instead the award was given to the “protester.” Read the rationale of that decision by enlarging the image below. The raised fist, the symbol for solidarity, is the perfect graphic form to represent the unity of human spirit, so evident in 2011.

Poetic grass

For this piece of typographic art, Stephanie Barber cut stencils out of Kentucky Bluegrass sod. The letters, each two feet long, were laid into the yard at the Poor Farm, an artist residency and exhibition space in Wisconsin. The artist and poet set out to create an environment where her readers could interact physically with her words.

See more of the art.

Charice logotype

Charice CD cover graphic
Why is there a W on this CD by Charice?
Well look again at the word / logotype of Charice. The W is simply the result of cropping tightly to the letter A from the logotype.