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Maximum typography

While the world’s best footballer, the Argentinean Lionel Messi, takes time off to watch the European teams contest the EUFA Euro competition, I came across this dramatic spread from the Italian magazine Max. Big type. Big impact.

In February, Messi was featured on the cover of Time magazine, except in the United States—where almost nobody could tell you a solitary thing about this football giant—a feature about shyness prevailed.


Christian Bale featured in GQ Australia

GQ Australia, June 2012

Who needs spelling anyway?

This striking photo from GQ Australia illustrates an article on how language is transforming—particularly language written online. The article explains this is not just about bad spelling but frequently about instances of auto-correction software completing words we didn’t really want and that we overlook in our haste to keep up with all our emails and tweets.

In the words of the article, “Our obsession with following set rules of language is a vestige of the past: It’s tyme 2 let luce!”

Jeez, I hope there are no typos in this post.

50 best artists … time to choose

From Art+Auction magazine June 2012