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Colorful type


Marie Claire, December 2013


Masthead mastery

When was the last time you looked at the masthead of a magazine: That list of names typically starting with the editor. This page, from Elle, is a brilliant attempt at creating typography that is both engaging and well-organized. It certainly made me look twice.masthead page elle-uk-2013-10

Smelly typography

The title of this editorial says it: O, Beautiful!

If you had nothing but color and one typeface to design new packaging, this would be a great solution. Proof again that you don’t need thousands of typefaces to create good typography.

Letters: symbols for people

Wonderful use of typography and color from this spread in inc. magazine from July. The black background is a powerful canvas for the primary colors. The speech bubbles support the subject of the article while the letters symbolize people.

There is really effective typographic hierarchy on display here.

The second spread shows how the speech bubbles provide the feature with visual continuity.

Expressing meaning: Concierge medicine

This caught my eye for the bold and direct approach. Color plays a large part in how meaning is expressed. Notice how the words align with the horizontal part of the stroke on the red page. And how the deck aligns with the i in the word medicine.

Because the paragraphs end with short lines, I’d have liked this more if there were no indents on the left. As a purist it would be even better if the shape of the cross had no indents anywhere.

[ Town and Country magazine January 2011 ]