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Rebooting the president

Whatever your political perspective regarding the Affordable Care Act, this is a brilliant cover design.


Stephen King inspires

This illustration appeared in Esquire magazine and was commissioned for a short story entitled In the Tall Grass. The illustrator is Luke Lucas.

Guess who?

An enjoyable word puzzle created with contrast in this composition where emphasized letters spells out a word. The contrast also comes into play as the primary type, a large, square rather architectural face, sets up against the much smaller secondary type, an elegant, warm, round human script.

Letters: symbols for people

Wonderful use of typography and color from this spread in inc. magazine from July. The black background is a powerful canvas for the primary colors. The speech bubbles support the subject of the article while the letters symbolize people.

There is really effective typographic hierarchy on display here.

The second spread shows how the speech bubbles provide the feature with visual continuity.

A car window: the perfect canvas for type

I thought this was a clever idea.

It’s rather subtle, especially as your eyes go to the dominant image of Ms. Lopez. But once you see it—the aha moment so to speak—it’s a nice little bonus. The steamed up windows of the car become a canvas for Jennifer Lopez’s latest CD track titles.

I would assume this was done after the photograph was taken, but who know, perhaps Ms. Lopez has brilliant handwriting in addtion to all her other talents.

Eat your subdivision

Imagine my delight at finding a new magazine, and then discovering several striking page designs where image becomes type.

The article is about sustainable farming, where residential communities incorporate both a home and a working farm. The small squares in the illustration represent subdivisions of land but also spell out one of the words of the article.

The design is quirky but it’s also very clever.

While the concept in the article is hardly new, indeed I remember as a young lad watching men in their allotments (a kind of mini-farm), diligently growing vegetables, the trend seems to be gaining momentum.

I like how the callouts on the last two spreads play off the perspective used in the opening pages.

[Landscape Architecture February 2011]

Constructivism and the calendar

This is a beautifully designed page from Black Book magazine. This would make a great poster. I admire the way both the hierarchy and organization of this complex information is handled.

Within the magazine itself, this page is a little out of place. It looks like a designer was asked to come up with a concept for the calendar without any context. Nevertheless it clearly caught my eye.

The constructivist theme is driven by the text at the bottom of the page. Rise up comrades!