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Anything you can do

Dumser’s make fine ice cream and their banana split sundae is one of my favorites.

I’m fairly confident this diner uses more typefaces than any other shop along the Ocean City boardwalk.


Enough typefaces?

It must have been like this during the Industrial Revolution when the guiding principle appeared to be to use as many typefaces as possible in order to stand out from your competitors.

This sign is next to the one in the previous post. You can see that just to the right.

I was unaware of the word seamless when I took this photo. However it would not be the word I’d use to describe the design.

Just a sign

The boardwalk at Ocean City, Maryland. A typophile’s dream. This will be the first of several posts. I like this sign because the store owner dispensed with the traditional sign and had the entire sign painted with a brush, freehand. There are references to typefaces, the first line is a slab serif of some sort, and the last line has serifs with rounded brackets, but I don’t think this is any particular typeface.

Notice the third line: professional digital artistry.