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Big numbers

Advertising Age‘s annual roundup of statistics shows ad spending rising on the web and falling in print. AT&T are the largest spenders on advertising in the United States. That number is staggering: $1,840,000,000 or $71 per person.

advertising age-2012-12-31 numbers


Not the usual sports metaphor

Johns Hopkins Hospital, for whom I work, were just awarded USNews and World Report‘s best hospital in the USA award for the 21st year in a row. Not bad eh?

That said, I wish I had come up with this brilliant idea to advertise sports surgery which was devised for Mount Sinai Medical Center and placed in the New York Times in 2008.

An oldie but goodie.

Type from a different angle

What a striking page.

Incorporating a rotatable viewing screen is not a new concept in camera design, but somehow this ad makes it seem so.

Wait… it’s on the tip of my tongue

Visually arresting ads for Ford’s Edge. These ads ran as single pages on consecutive spreads.

A simple premise, supported by strong visuals that reinforce the idea and something I’ve not seen before.┬áThis one really has to be enlarged to get the point.

This is particularly appropriate in Maryland because legislation comes into effect in October requiring hands-free phone communication.

An apple for…

Two ideas that use an apple. The first an advertisement in Architectural Review.

Anything you can do

Dumser’s make fine ice cream and their banana split sundae is one of my favorites.

I’m fairly confident this diner uses more typefaces than any other shop along the Ocean City boardwalk.

Enough typefaces?

It must have been like this during the Industrial Revolution when the guiding principle appeared to be to use as many typefaces as possible in order to stand out from your competitors.

This sign is next to the one in the previous post. You can see that just to the right.

I was unaware of the word seamless when I took this photo. However it would not be the word I’d use to describe the design.