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You say you want a revolution?



Cruz Alta Malbec 2011


Two unrelated wine labels

Never mind the wine, it’s a great label

While I was listening to Al Spoler and Hugh Sisson talk about wine on NPR this evening, Al, or maybe it was Hugh said something like “The wine was ok, but the label was really something.”

It seems that we are witnessing a lot of great wine label design.

I enjoyed this bottle of Shiraz over the weekend which I thought was pretty good, but the label is really something. The primary type is a distressed face. The word Paringa (see below) is cropped to the edge, the description is off square, suggesting drunkenness … maybe.

There are in fact two labels on the bottle. The last, of the Aussie figure in the Paringa vineyard, is the primary identifier which is above the typographic portion.

Use as many typefaces as you need

In packaging design the notion of working with just two typefaces is the exception rather than the rule.

This series of wine labels uses a strong calligraphic theme to give the line a distinct look and the use of calligraphy reinforces the names of the wines: King’s Bastard, Kings Favor and so on. An appropriate typographic choice is key to the brand.

These words are drawn calligraphically, so don’t look for this typeface.

The website for this wine is magnificent and typography plays a major role. It’s certainly worth taking a look.

The images below are grabbed from the website to show the calligraphy large. And although they look like the actual labels, they are not. On the bottles the calligraphy is on a contrasting white background.