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Typographic portraits February 2012


Expressing meaning: Oops

My typography class just completed an assignment in which they had to express the meaning of words without making illustrations.

I just saw this advertisement which also expresses meaning rather nicely. The name of the advertiser is removed for clarity.

Marking paragraphs outrageously

Here are the class selections from part three of the assignment. There are a few other solutions that were not picked and I will add these soon.

Marking paragraphs inventively

Here are the selections from part 2 of the class assignment on marking paragraphs.

Marking paragraphs conventionally

Here are the 8 pages that the class selected as the best solutions for part 1 of this week’s assignment. Parts 2 and 3 will follow over the next few days.

Logotypes for a restaurant

Below are the designs for this week’s assignment which was to design a logotype for a restaurant. I have used the logo from the business card. In several cases, the business cards are two sided and in these cases only the front is shown.

Book covers: ideas welcome

I overheard this comment just before entering class this week: “Who designs a book cover without images.”

I think these examples prove that not only is this possible, but that some very good concepts can result from thoughtful typography.

The example below from Sara gained the most votes.

And here are the close runners up.

Thanks to you all for some smart design this week.