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Pattern a day: D


Pattern a day: C


Pattern a day: B

Letter B composed in a patter

Pattern a day: A


This is the first of a new series—creating a pattern from a single letter. The idea began as an exercise for a teaching assignment to provide students with an appreciation and understanding of negative space where the designer aims to balance the mass of the letterform with the white space surrounding it.

Let’s see how this goes.

P is for pattern


Harper’s Bazaar Mexico, April 2014

Pattern: not just for students

I’ve talked a lot about the use of typographic pattern in my class. In an assignment I recently completed for a client I used pattern to create a thematic link to the title of a brochure. This decorative solution did not seem out of place and pleasantly surprised me.

The type is Adobe Garamond premier  pro italic display. Notice the beautiful ligature of the ff.

Can you repeat that?

In this lovely cover for Homeworks, the simple device of pattern making by repeating a single word, creates an eye-catching and satisfying typogpraphic solution.