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Pattern a day: D


Pattern a day: A


This is the first of a new series—creating a pattern from a single letter. The idea began as an exercise for a teaching assignment to provide students with an appreciation and understanding of negative space where the designer aims to balance the mass of the letterform with the white space surrounding it.

Let’s see how this goes.

Can you repeat that?

The music of Philip Glass is full of repeating patterns and variations.

The cover artwork of a 2011 CD of Glass’s music played by the string quartet, Brooklyn Rider, captures the essence of the music using the technique of repeating and rotating a graphic shape. Rendering the form of a violin as if it were a topographic map adds another dimension to the design giving depth and allowing color to be explored in a progressive fashion by using tints and shades.

Brooklyn Rider Plays Philip Glass

Read this article on NPR about the music

Can you repeat that?

In this lovely cover for Homeworks, the simple device of pattern making by repeating a single word, creates an eye-catching and satisfying typogpraphic solution.