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Power Puff


Elle, November 2014
Creative director: Alex González
Design director: Evan Campisi
Photographer: Max Vadukul


Capital K


InStyle March 2015
Creative director: Rina Stone
Design director: Brian Anstey
Art director: Mariya Ivankovitser
Photographer: Jan Welters

The new denim


Self. August 2014
Creative director: Barbara Reyes
Art director: Petra Kobayashi
Photographer: Patric Shaw

Notice the way the strong vertical supports the entire typographic composition. Also how the word denim corresponds to the colors and even the shape of the model.

Quick. Get in shape

Lovely work from Harper’s Bazaar. harpers-bazaar-2013-05

Ethnic type

Not sure if this is a unique typeface, but judging from the three letters E that are all unique, I would have to guess this is an original design.liya-kebede amica-2013-04-liya-type


Jewelry designers find inspiration from type.
Glamour Spain, November 2012

Scrabble tiles become jewelry

I recently commented on a bracelet a colleague was wearing made from typewriter keys. And in the same vein, these scrabble letter rings are rather unusual. I think the typewriter keys might work as rings too.

This image seen in Company magazine, July 2012